In the search to find a larger breast size, women have tried many things over the centuries.

Before plastic surgery, women wanted bigger breasts. So they experimented and found foods that increase breast size. Yes, it’s true! Not only are there foods, but there are also spices, herbs, and fats that can give your body the best chance possible to naturally increase your breast size.

Why go for surgery when you can eat and get the breasts you’ve always wanted? Who doesn’t like to eat? Here are some quick foods that will help your put on the boobage.


There are foods that increase breast size that are high in estrogen. Soy and soy products top the list and are naturally estrogen rich. Don’t discount soy milk. It is quite tasty.

Natural dairy products are also high in estrogen and can help restore the natural balance of hormones in your body. This helps your breasts grow because breast tissue grows under balanced hormonal circumstances.

Seeds and Spices

Flax seed along with sunflower, anise, and pumpkin seeds all contain high levels of estrogen.

There are also spices and herbs such as oregano, cloves, ginger, sage, clover, and peppers that increase your estrogen levels. Use these to accent your foods to try and get that breast enhancing effect.


Some other foods that increase breast size are beans and peas.

Try eating some chickpeas, Lima beans, kidney beans, navy beans, red beans, lentils, parsley, and clover. Some soups of these would be a good start, but also remember that this category of food is high in protein and generally very good for you.

The body naturally responds to naturally good foods, and breast size increases can come from that alone. High protein, low carb foods are generally recommended for breast growth as well.

Whole Grains and Fruits

Whole grains such as barley, oats, and brown rice are great foods that increase breast size. If you are going to go for some carbs, go for these! Stay away from the donuts! Fruits and greens also have high estrogen content.

Try some apples, beets, carrots, cherries, alfalfa, eggplant, olives, papaya . . . the list goes on and on. Some fats are good for you, too, since breast tissue is made primarily of fat.

Try to use olive oil, avocado oil, raw nuts, linseed oil, and herring. The general feeling here is that foods that are healthy for you are foods that can help increase your breast size.

In Summary

You know that you don’t want to go through with plastic surgery. The fact that you are looking for alternatives says that.

This diet along with exercises that target the muscles behind the breasts – called the pectorals – will help to give your breasts a better shape and size. In the meantime, it will also slim your body, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and give you confidence.

Sometimes, when it counts, these things are much more important than the size of your breasts. Sometimes a little bit of healthy living goes a long way – towards your breast size and towards you whole life in general.

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